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my posts were done while waiting for my friend to pick me up.

I am affected by my toxic friend again. she went on and on about how one of my colleagues baby will definitely not be intelligent cuz he has a small head and both parents are not intelligent at all. she added that he has a naughty look. she continued with how another baby of another colleague will definitely be smarter cuz his parent is smart and he has a big head. I am very disturbed. cuz I have a baby too and he is of the same age group as the 2 babies .
yesterday, we brought Sharius swimming. it was a whole family affair , with grandparents . armed with diapers , swim diaper , sun block and 2 floats , we skipped our way to the swimming complex. we joked , laughing at the big bags we had to lug along. filled with excitement, we stripped him and placed him into his ultraman float. oh my, he screamed. the water was freezing cold. we coaxed him and after a few minutes of warming up , he kicked and splashed. shawn held him and he swam one lap of the pool. of course it was daddy doing the job , Sharius merely did feeble kicks. his laughter and smile did propel shawn to do a few more laps. but our son just had to end the whole lovely experience with a loud wail as we cleaned ans dressed him. next week, we will be back again.
last week was PSLE marking exercise. usually, I will look forward to it as the 4 days offer some form of respite from 41 pupils and teaching. however, i was rather worried about how I was going to continue my milk expression duties. armed with 2 sets of pump parts , 1 double electric pump , pump n save bags and 2 ice packs, I was determined to express at any pocket of time available. I went to work early, approached the office personnel to request for a nursing room . they told me that the security access malfunctioned so I could use the nursing room anytime. but they repaired it after breakfast . to save time and the hassle of getting someone to open the door , I decided to do it in the toilet. so four times a day, I will be sitting on the toilet seat, pumping my life away. it was tough at first , but I

when morning doesn't go right

yesterday wasn't a good day. I woke up late and only had 10 minutes to wash up and get ready for work. my alarm clocks failed me. if not for Sharius waking up for his milk feed, I would have been late. then I had sore red eyes. no amount of ice pack or eye drops could alleviate the swelling. nevermind! when I was buying breakfast , I ordered a packet of hot tea and promised to collect it after I had bought my good. however, it totally slipped.my mind. I rushed back , embarrassed, one hour later and offered to pay for the previous bag of tea and another fresh bag. the boss apparently had drunk my packet of tea and didn't want to charge me for that bag. but thankfully the rest of the day made up for all the morning mishaps .
since labour day , I don't remember a day ( night to be exact) I managed to pull a minimal 5-hour sleep. in place are dark eye rings and heavy eye bags. I presume that my eyes look bad cuz they are now a topic for conversation whenever I am stopped by colleagues. one day .. tell them..one fine day .. my dear son would sleep through the night.

I have been wide awake since 2.30 this morning after sharius's feed. I tried really hard to get back to sleep but couldn't . My head was filled with a million thoughts and fear. I was mostly worried about how sharius would be when I am not around. I should count myself lucky to have my mother to be taking over my job as a surrogate mummy when I am at work. She is more of a mummy than I am and I witnessed over the past 16 weeks of how much she loved and cared for my son. This week shall be one to ride past with as much strength and faith.

Off I go now, to make my way to school. Even without a baby in tow , I have to lug an equivalent load of his diaper bag of pump , container , freezer bag and milk bottles. Add that to my laptop and work bag , I need to complete that load with an air plane ride to somewhere. Tata

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Maiden voyage to downtown east

Last Sunday, we checked into Downtown East for some family fun. Indeed , what fun we had. Sharius went swimming for the first time and it brought much novel laughter to his parents and grandparents to see him wriggling in the pool. We even bought for him an Ultraman float and swimming trunks . His sensitive skin immediately flared up in red ugly blotches. Thankfully, the rash appeased with plenty of moisturiser. A chalet cannot do without BBQ. It took us twice as long to get the charcoal burning then the food cooking. Lesson learnt - do not buy house brand charcoal, invest in good quality charcoal and save on the time ,effort , frustration and curses.

It was also a trial outing to see how our bub adapt to life outside of home for an extended period of time. He did well as long as he has his mummy's nipples and Pupsik carrier. The poor bub had to make do with showering instead of his usual tub bath. That certainly had him screaming his lungs out as his parents rained water over his body.

We shall look forward to our overseas trip to Hong Kong end of this year . Hubby is itching for Disneyland rides and accessories. Something to lighten the gloom of returning to work.

Jun. 26th, 2010

Here I go...

  • 23:36 Sharius n i were out with my colleagues from 4 till 11. I carried / slinged him for 7 hours. I am exhausted . #

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Jun. 23rd, 2010

Here I go...

  • 01:45 Another sleepless night #
  • 17:50 My whole body is aching. Sharius was sleeping soundly while lying tummy down on me. I didn't dare move an inch . #
  • 17:51 @ronwong82 the cabbie must have found cayden cute #
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Jun. 20th, 2010

Here I go...

  • 20:10 Going to watch prince of Persia. Yeah ! #

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